Post Sound Update

Action Audio and Visual is not only a leading rental service for audio and video equipment, but also a one-stop shop for your project with a full service production studio. We recently set up our new Avid C24 and its 24-channel control surface guarantees maximized control of Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD mixing, recording, and editing.

James Barth , our post specialist, has recently begun working on his second season of a PBS series titled “Inspiration with Lance Heft”. This 30-minute series features in-depth interviews with leading business moguls, artists, and entertainers with a focus on the inspirations of these successful men and women.  One interesting aspect of this collaboration is that James has never met the producer; everything has been done remotely thanks to today’s technology. Continue reading


LA Film Festival Underway!

There were several highlights over the first weekend of the LA Film Festival.  Friday night we enjoyed laughing with the crew of Juan of the Dead, a hilarious zombie satire, in the Filmmaker’s Lounge.  They were just as silly offset as on.  The Filmmaker’s Lounge is a perk we get to enjoy as a sponsor of LAFF, where there’s free drinks and snacks on a rooftop with the Filmmakers.  So we wandered around all weekend between films there and spoke to the different directors and actors and writers of the films at LAFF.  A lot of fun mingling with the beautiful people dressed to the nines. Continue reading

Dark Shadows

For the past few years, we’ve been working on a Dark Shadows film.  Not the Tim Burton one, but the original film that was released in 1971 with David Selby, Kate Jackson and the original Barnabus, Jonathan Frid.  The original film was poorly spliced, and left out an important thirty minutes of a lost reel that was found a few years ago, and so they are remaking the film.  However the audio from the lost reel wasn’t found, so we’ve been having the actors come in and do overdubs. Continue reading

Super Bowl Weekend

Not only was this weekend a smashing success for the Giants, it was for Action as well.  We rented out all of our plasma and LCD tv screens, as well as some projectors for the Super Bowl Game. Once we ran out of our biggest screens, 65″ plasmas, our customers started working their way down until we had no tv screens left. It was amazing. We definitely scored points all over Hollywood this weekend. Continue reading

Recent Projects

On November 22, 2011, the Boys and Girls Club in Burbank had a special guest speaker, Oscar De La Hoya. We set up the audio for the legendary boxer  and he delivered an inspirational speech to the children.  The appearance was sponsored by AT&T, which involved them donating $5,000 to the Boys and Girls club. It was an honor to meet and speak with Oscar afterward.

On December 19th, 2011 we were commissioned to check that a building was sound proofed enough to sustain the impact of the new subway the city built.   We blasted the building with 100 decibels of loud sounds and music. We brought 6 of our Dynacord Cobra-2 speakers comprising 6000 watts of power and had them lifted onto a crane to blast sound to 100db. Turns out, the building was indeed sound proof.

Toward the end of 2011 we ran the sound for a Hungarian performance using our mikes, mixers, speakers and effects.  The show was fun to watch, running for two hours each night in Hollywood.

– Action Audio and Visual

Post Sound Production

Our 5.1 Pro-Tools post sound rooms are industry ready to finish your film.  Our post sound production’s head engineer is led by James Barth, who has worked with heavies such as Tom Petty and Leon Russell, as well as having completed dozens of film projects, including Soul Fire Rising, Consinsual, Live Evil, and much more. For a more comprehensive list of his works, please check out his IMDB.

Our sound supervisor is led by Richard Mercado, who has completed almost 100 different jobs. His most popular works include Cane, Lizzie McGuire, S Club 7, Summerland, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For a more comprehensive list of his works, please check out his IMDB.

They have done numerous projects together and separately. Our most recent project that has been released was “The Man in the Maze”, which is about four college students doing research about an Indian burial mound, which causes them to mysteriously get trapped in a maze followed by an evil killing spirit. So, obviously playing in a fun field of wild dynamic range between eerie music, frantic, hushed conspiring to blood-curdling screams.  Another project that will be coming out with soon is called the “Telling of the Shoes,” which is about a Manhattan dinner party that takes a dramatic turn. We are so pleased to have worked on these projects and look forward to our future endeavors.

– Action Audio and Visual