Show Biz Expo, December 3rd

The Show Biz Expo was held at the Convention Center in the Marriott Hotel. Since the last expo, we couldn’t believe how much has changed in half a year. It is amazing to see the big differences happen in the show biz industry. We are an industry that is constantly changing, and it is unbelievable when we see new technological advancements taking place.

We were able to meet people from different social media websites that are only geared towards the production industry, and seeing what they do was really interesting! They are making it easier and quicker to get movies done and making it completely painless. We were really surprised to see that there is a program that allows you to prepare for a movie on your phone! The company which presented this program told us that the application works on the iPad, iPhone, and any Android platforms. And it allows producers to search for anything they need, ranging from actors and actresses to rental houses, like us. We, at Action Audio & Visual, appreciate what these types of websites are doing for the industry. They are making it easier for us to connect to big and small time directors and producers, while giving the best deals.

There were also a lot of our friends there, such as other rental houses, talent agencies, actors and actresses, and etc. The event was really warm, and it made the industry like a family who finally got together to talk about the news. And we would like to thank all the organizers for continuing to do this event and keeping us in touch with each other.


Our booth