Action Updates

Next weekend, Action Audio and Visual will be supporting the National Association of Music Merchants, (NAMM), show with audio reinforcement.  NAMM is held at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 19-22.  It’s free, but you do need to register first.

NAMM is a really fun 4 day concert. It  includes exhibitors, performers, food vendors, and educational exhibition. They’re starting from 6 pm Wednesday night, stopping at midnight, and then starting again at 9 in the morning the next day, this continues all the way until Sunday at 4:30 pm.  It’s going to be intense, and a lot to rig and we’re all over it.

For one installation, we’ll be helping NAMM in a unique way. They’re having a demo for a drumset, but it would be very difficult for the crowd to understand what the drummer was saying while he was doing the demo since there will be a crowds everywhere.  So, the drummer will be equipped with a Comtek M-216 and the audience will be listening to him using individual Comtek PR-216. An excellent way to do a demonstration while in a large room, it makes it so much easier for the demonstrator to insure that no information goes unheard.

Comtek M-216: click here for more information!

Comtek PR-216: click here for more information!

– Action Audio and Visual

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