BrideWorld Expo March 11th

BrideWorld Expo is March 11th at the Pasadena Convention Center. It will take place on a Sunday and have 125 exhibits including Action Audio & Visual.  The BrideWorld Expo will include musical entertainers, wedding gown fashion shows, and much more. This expo will also include many give-aways and  door prizes.

Action Audio and Visual will be showcasing our specialty in wedding videography. We have done videography for many weddings and offer amazing deals and a variety of packages for any type of wedding. Our cost friendliest package includes 2 cinematographers for the ceremony and another for the reception for up to 8 hours of service, which comes with 2 DVDs with a “lasting memories” feature documentary edit. While our diamond package includes 3 cinematographers for the ceremony, 2 for the pre-ceremony,  2 for the reception for up to 10 hours of service, 60 photo montage sequence, testimonials by family and friends, 10 DVDs,  and a variety of documentary edits. If you are in the midst of planning, please feel free to call us today at (888)406-8164 for a free consultation. Or you can click here for more information about our packages.

Check out our demo reel as well:

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Action Updates

Next weekend, Action Audio and Visual will be supporting the National Association of Music Merchants, (NAMM), show with audio reinforcement.  NAMM is held at the Anaheim Convention Center from January 19-22.  It’s free, but you do need to register first.

NAMM is a really fun 4 day concert. It  includes exhibitors, performers, food vendors, and educational exhibition. They’re starting from 6 pm Wednesday night, stopping at midnight, and then starting again at 9 in the morning the next day, this continues all the way until Sunday at 4:30 pm.  It’s going to be intense, and a lot to rig and we’re all over it.

For one installation, we’ll be helping NAMM in a unique way. They’re having a demo for a drumset, but it would be very difficult for the crowd to understand what the drummer was saying while he was doing the demo since there will be a crowds everywhere.  So, the drummer will be equipped with a Comtek M-216 and the audience will be listening to him using individual Comtek PR-216. An excellent way to do a demonstration while in a large room, it makes it so much easier for the demonstrator to insure that no information goes unheard.

Comtek M-216: click here for more information!

Comtek PR-216: click here for more information!

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Happy 2012!

Happy 2012 everybody! We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday & New Years.  We took last week off for vacation, but we’re back in the office now.  We had a great New Years celebration & we hope you did as well.

It’s amazing how fast the year flies by. 2011 was a great year for us. We got to meet new people and enjoy growing our relationships with old friends. This past year also showed us what the people want:  We had two products that stood out above the rest, both cameras – our most popular products were the Panasonic AG-AF100 and Sony PMW-F3.

Let’s take a look at these all-stars:

Panasonic AG-AF100: This camera represents an enormous leap forward into affordable, cinema-quality video imaging. Providing all the professional features that videographers expect in an interchangeable-lens camcorder-manual video and audio control, variable frame rates, HD-SDI and HDMI output, and much more. The AG-AF100 not only delivers the image quality, versatility, and control that professional shooters have been clamoring for, but at a price well within most pro-level budgets. Click here to see more about the Panasonic AG-AF100.

Sony PMW-F3: Ths Sony PMW-F3 was 20 years in the making. It is part of the CineAlta 24P family of digital cinematography products and can support multiple frame rates, including 23.98P as well as S-Log workflows. It brings a true “film look” and superior image quality into reach for independent movies, pop promos, commercials and other applications. Click here to see more about the Sony PMW-F3.

So that rounds up our top super stars of 2011. We appreciate all of our customers & supporters and we hope that we can continue to build our relationships. But in case you are new to our business, let us also take this time to tell you about our services.

What makes us stand above everyone else is that customer service is one of our top priorities. We deliver and pick-up from anywhere in Southern California. We can canvas your site to help you decide what would make your event perfect. We can send people for any needs you may require. If you need a DJ, we’ll send you a DJ. If you need someone to set-up, we will send people to set-up. We are here for you step by step in your planning process.

Another special fact: we’re open on Saturdays!

So please call us today to speak to a rental specialist who can help you @ (323)461-4290 or toll free @ (888)406-8164

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Show Biz Expo, December 3rd

The Show Biz Expo was held at the Convention Center in the Marriott Hotel. Since the last expo, we couldn’t believe how much has changed in half a year. It is amazing to see the big differences happen in the show biz industry. We are an industry that is constantly changing, and it is unbelievable when we see new technological advancements taking place.

We were able to meet people from different social media websites that are only geared towards the production industry, and seeing what they do was really interesting! They are making it easier and quicker to get movies done and making it completely painless. We were really surprised to see that there is a program that allows you to prepare for a movie on your phone! The company which presented this program told us that the application works on the iPad, iPhone, and any Android platforms. And it allows producers to search for anything they need, ranging from actors and actresses to rental houses, like us. We, at Action Audio & Visual, appreciate what these types of websites are doing for the industry. They are making it easier for us to connect to big and small time directors and producers, while giving the best deals.

There were also a lot of our friends there, such as other rental houses, talent agencies, actors and actresses, and etc. The event was really warm, and it made the industry like a family who finally got together to talk about the news. And we would like to thank all the organizers for continuing to do this event and keeping us in touch with each other.


Our booth



Happy Thanksgiving from Action Audio and Visual!

Action Audio & Visual wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope that you can surround yourself with great family and friends, eat an unreasonable amount of food, and get nice and plump for the holiday season. We hope that you have a wild, unforgettable party this weekend, but if you’re still in the midst of planning, please feel free to call us @ +1(323)461-4290, we’re open until 6 pm.

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