LA Film Festival Underway!

There were several highlights over the first weekend of the LA Film Festival.  Friday night we enjoyed laughing with the crew of Juan of the Dead, a hilarious zombie satire, in the Filmmaker’s Lounge.  They were just as silly offset as on.  The Filmmaker’s Lounge is a perk we get to enjoy as a sponsor of LAFF, where there’s free drinks and snacks on a rooftop with the Filmmakers.  So we wandered around all weekend between films there and spoke to the different directors and actors and writers of the films at LAFF.  A lot of fun mingling with the beautiful people dressed to the nines. Continue reading


LA Film Festival

Action Audio and Visual is proud to once again provide audio solutions for the annual LA Film Festival as an Official Festival Affiliate.  We’re excited to partake in the premieres of the new Woody Allen and Steven Soderberg films, as well as hundreds of other brilliant 2012 films. Continue reading