Post Sound Production

Our 5.1 Pro-Tools post sound rooms are industry ready to finish your film.  Our post sound production’s head engineer is led by James Barth, who has worked with heavies such as Tom Petty and Leon Russell, as well as having completed dozens of film projects, including Soul Fire Rising, Consinsual, Live Evil, and much more. For a more comprehensive list of his works, please check out his IMDB.

Our sound supervisor is led by Richard Mercado, who has completed almost 100 different jobs. His most popular works include Cane, Lizzie McGuire, S Club 7, Summerland, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. For a more comprehensive list of his works, please check out his IMDB.

They have done numerous projects together and separately. Our most recent project that has been released was “The Man in the Maze”, which is about four college students doing research about an Indian burial mound, which causes them to mysteriously get trapped in a maze followed by an evil killing spirit. So, obviously playing in a fun field of wild dynamic range between eerie music, frantic, hushed conspiring to blood-curdling screams.  Another project that will be coming out with soon is called the “Telling of the Shoes,” which is about a Manhattan dinner party that takes a dramatic turn. We are so pleased to have worked on these projects and look forward to our future endeavors.

– Action Audio and Visual